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Judgment Sessions

The judgment sessions of CADE’s Administrative Tribunal usually occur on Wednesdays (check the sessions’ calendar) and they are open to the public, except in cases that demand confidential treatment. The sessions may also occur extraordinarily, upon convocation.

CADE’s President defines the judgment sessions’ agenda and it is published on the agency’s website, with at least 120 hours in advance.

The sessions for Proceedings’ distribution are also open to the public and carried out by CADE’s President, preferably on Wednesdays, but they may be held extraordinarily, upon convocation.

In these sessions, the cases currently being analyzed by CADE are forwarded to a Reporting Commissioner, who is select by drawing.

The audio of the judgment sessions and the sessions for Proceedings’ distribution is transmitted live on the internet. The web link to access the live audio is available in this section and in the home page of the website on the days when the meetings of the Tribunal are held. The audio is also recorded and may be retrieved from the archive files of each session.