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Leniency Program

Cade's Antitrust Leniency Program enables companies and/or individuals who participate, or have participated, in a cartel or other anti-competitive practice, to obtain, by reporting it to Cade, total exemption, or mitigation, of the fines and penalties applicable to them, by entering into a leniency agreement.

It is extremely important to report the conduct to Cade as soon as possible, once only the first company and / or individual to report it will be able to enter into a leniency agreement and obtain total exemption or mitigation of sanctions.

In order to enter into a leniency agreement, interested parties must confess and cease their participation in the cartel or other anti-competitive practice, report it and collaborate in the entire process of its investigation, providing it with relevant information and documents.

Contact the General Superintendence

If you want to apply for a leniency agreement, please contact CADE’s General Superintendence’s Leniency Negotiation Unit by phone at +55 61 3221-8563 by the e-mail address or in person. The request shall specifically mention "Marker Request".

In accordance with Article 198, paragraph 1 of CADE’s Internal Statute - RiCade, the application should inform a full qualification of the leniency agreement applicant, the other participants in the anticompetitive conduct, the products or services affected, the geographic area affected and the estimated duration of the conduct.


About the Leniency Program