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Multiannual Plan – PPA

The Multiannual Plan – PPA in its acronym in Portuguese – is the instrument of governmental planning that defines the guidelines, objectives and targets for the Brazilian Public Administration regarding capital expenditures and other costs entailed, and also related to continuous duration programs, with purpose of enabling the implementation and management of public policies. The monitoring of the Multiannual Plan’s enforcement is carried out each semester of the year. During the next four years, CADE’s acting should be aimed to enable the enforcement of the guidelines set forth in the PPA 2016-2019:

Program: 2081 – Justice, Citizenship and Public Security

Objective: 1046 – To strengthen competition defense and consumer protection through the expansion of the scale and the effectiveness of public policies.

Targets and initiatives are described below.

Targets 2016 - 2019

  • • To analyze merger operations swiftly, by keeping an average time below 30 days for the instruction of proceedings in the fast-track procedure and by prioritizing the resolution of competition issues by means of agreements.

    • To investigate violations against the economic order more quickly, in a way that the number of cases with ongoing investigation for more than 5 years do not exceed 20% of CADE’s backlog.

    • To increase the effectiveness on fighting anticompetitive conducts, through a growing use of investigative techniques and process management.


  • • 04WO – Strengthening of the cartel combat policy, with emphasis on pursuing bid rigging, innovating and improving the investigation and intelligence mechanisms, by means of the integrated use of information and the institutionalization of partnerships with other public administration bodies and international organisms.

    • 04WR – Implementation of best practices, internationally recognized for the prevention and repression of anticompetitive conducts, in a way of increasing the efficacy, efficiency, and effectiveness of the Brazilian Competition Defense System.

    • 04WU – Expansion of: the generation of knowledge on competition defense by the systematization of CADE’s case law, the fostering of academic production and the execution of economic studies with emphasis in sectors of major economic and social impact. 

    • 04WX – Dissemination of the competition culture in Brazil through the adoption of educational and training practices on this subject.