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Working Papers

by admin published Mar 11, 2016 11:30 AM, last modified Dec 09, 2016 11:33 AM

The Working Papers produced by the Department of Economic Studies aim at promoting economic studies related to CADE’s practice areas in order to improve the merger analysis as well as to promote competition advocacy in the public and private sectors. It gives visibility to the work of CADE’s technical body and improves the analysis performed by CADE.

The opinions issued in the Working Papers are of exclusive responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect CADE’s point of view.

The Working Papers may be reproduced as long as the source is cited. Reproductions to commercials purposes are forbidden. 

The Working Papers are available only in Portuguese. 



Working Paper Nº 001/2016 - Identification of the Relevant Geographic Market for hospitals in Brazil

Analysis of the delimitation of hospitals’ relevant geographic market and the current location of private hospitals in the major cities of Brazil.

Key words: hospitals, geographic market, competition



Working Paper No. 003/15 - Post entry rivalry - the immediate impact of Uber's app on taxi rides (English Version)

This Working Paper evaluates the immediate economic impacts of the entry of Uber’s app in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and in the Federal District, during the first semester of 2015.  

Key words: Uber, taxi, rivalry

 Working Paper No. 002/15 - Cement Inputs Market: structural aspects and empirical exercise 

This Working Paper describes the supply chain of cement and concrete, by analyzing structural aspects that may influence the free competition in the sector.

Key words: slag, limestone, cement, concrete, vertical integration 

Working Paper No. 001/15 - The market of individual transport of passengers: regulation, externalities and urban balance (English Version)

This Working Paper addresses regulatory and economic aspects of the market of individual transport of passengers, more specifically of the market of taxi rides and of ride sharing.  

Key words: taxis, ride sharing, regulation, externalities, urban balance





Working Paper No. 001/14 - Competition indicators

This Working Paper discusses the adoption of competition indicators to guide antitrust practices in Brazil.

Key words: sectorial indicators, database




Working Paper No. 001/10 - Delimitation of Relevant Markets

This Working Paper submits a summary of quantitative methods that may be used for the delimitation of relevant market, by making a review of the methods used in the Brazilian Competition Defense System and at its end, the Working Paper sets recommendations of use and an identification of trends and suggestions of methods application.

Key words: Hypothetical Monopolist Test, deviation rates, price correlation, events studies, qualitative researches


Working Paper No. 001/09 - Demand Analysis

This Working Paper exposes the common set of most important methodologies for empirical analysis of demand and presents the use of these methods in selected mergers. At the end, the Working Paper makes recommendations for practical use of the described methods.

Key words: demand models, homogenous products, differentiated goods



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