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Opinions in Mergers and Conduct Cases

by admin published Mar 11, 2016 11:30 AM, last modified May 10, 2016 05:09 PM

The Department of Economic Studies, when incited by the Administrative Tribunal or the General Superintendence, issues opinions on mergers and conduct cases, positioning itself on topics discussed in the administrative proceedings at CADE.

The Opinions developed by the Department of Economic Studies are available below only in Portuguese


Opinion nº 01 - 2015 - Merger Case n° 08700.0097322014-93

Quantitative analysis concerning the acquisition of the company GVT by the company Vivo. The evaluation encompasses 48 municipalities from the state of São Paulo.

Key words: Probit regression, fixed telephony, broadband services, TV subscription sevice

Opinion nº 02 - 2015 - Merger Case n° 08700.009711-2014-78

Quantitative analysis aiming at defining the relevant market for medicine capsules in the context of Capusgel’s merger with Genix.

Key words: parallel price variation tests, cointegration tests, critical loss, Upward Pricing Pressure


Opinion nº 10 - 2015 - Administrative Proceeding n° 08012.0118812007-41

This Opinion provides remarks on economic opinions related to the gas market presented by companies interested in its procedure and also applies an alternative methodology for validating results in the scope of investigation of alleged anticompetitive conducts attributed to the Gemini Consortium.

 Key words: price discrimination, cost structure


Opinion nº 12 - 2015 - Merger Case  nº 08700.0102242014-58

Analysis of the specificities of the operation involving ExxonMobil’s exit from the Univation joint venture, which entailed 100% control of the latter by Dow.

Key words: technology supply, market closure, development of technological differentials, Monte Carlo simulations 


Opinion nº 18 - 2015 - Merger Case nº 08700.0094652014-54 

Analysis of the economic implications of the merger between Monts Holding, Paraopeba Cargo Terminal and Sarzedo Cargo Terminal.

Key words: vertical integration, incentives, bargain power


Opinion nº 19 - 2015 - Merger Case nº 08700.0099882014-09

This Opinion discusses issues related to the definition of relevant markets, competition barriers and rivalry in the market of brushes and painting roller, instruments affected by the merger between the companies Tigre and Condor.

Key words: critical elasticity tests, PCAIDS simulation, imports, antidumping measures


Opinion nº 27 - 2015 - Administrative Proceeding nº 08012.0111422006-79

This Opinion presents criteria for disclosing data from the cement and concrete markets, considering the limitations imposed by the judgment of the cement cartel proceeding.

Key words: sector data, data gathering, data disclosure, data aggregation level

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