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Department of Economic Studies

The Department of Economics Studies – DEE in its acronym in Portuguese – was created in 2009 by CADE’s Resolution nº 53/2009, as an advisory structure of the Presidency and CADE’s Plenary. Subsequently, the Law No. 12.529/2011, which structures the Brazilian System of Economic Defense, established formally the Department of Economics Studies as one of the bodies of CADE, together with the General Superintendence and the Administrative Tribunal of Economic Defense – Article 5. 


DEE is responsible for two branches of complementary activities: first, advising the General Superintendence and the Administrative Tribunal in the instruction and analysis of administrative proceedings related to mergers and anticompetitive conducts; and, second, elaborating studies to ensure CADE’s technical and scientific updating.

 The main activities of DEE are:

• To elaborate and analyze economic technical opinions
• To monitor the instruction of proceedings
• To conduct sectorial studies in order to keep CADE updated on the evolution of specific markets
• To conduct studies about the effects of CADE’s decisions in certain markets
• To propose and elaborate analysis guides for the different proceedings analyzed by CADE
• To elaborate and publish its own technical studies such as articles, working papers etc.
• To disseminate the theoretical knowledge of Economics and its application to competition defense for CADE’s technical staff