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Cade approves resolution authorizing virtual judgment session

Judgment session

The document was submitted to public consultation to collect contributions from society
published: Apr 02, 2020 05:02 PM last modified: Apr 02, 2020 07:00 PM
by International Unit

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) sanctioned this Wednesday (April 1st) a resolution that makes possible to hold virtual judgment sessions. The text approved by the Tribunal changes Cade’s Internal Regulation in order to implement it.

According to the resolution, the agenda will contain the well-founded decision of Cade’s President about the need of an online judgment session.

The Tribunal’s sessions may occur in virtual format in case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances that make in-person meeting unfeasible. The session will be held in the electronic format provided by Cade, respecting the internal requirements of data security and ensuring transparency, publicity and broad participation of interested parties.

During this Wednesday’s session, Cade’s President, Alexandre Barreto, mentioned the exceptionality of this moment of crisis and the importance of adapting work routines to the recommendations of public health authorities, keeping the normal operation of the agency.

“The Council is aware of the importance of its work in this moment of crisis, especially regarding the assessment of mergers and possible measures that Cade may have to adopt”, he said. “Thus, I reiterate that Cade is operating normally, with all safety measures that have been adopted, so that our staff keep working on their activities, even remotely”.

In case of virtual judgment session, the oral argumentation will be made by sending a media file to the Tribunal’s secretariat. On the other hand, the formal petition will be carried out through active participation during the judgment session, in real time, in the virtual environment, in a media source that will be indicated by Cade in the agenda of the session.

The virtual judgment session will be public and broadcasted in real time on Cade’s website and YouTube channel.

Public consultation

The draft resolution was submitted to public consultation to collect contributions from society last week. The suggestions received were evaluated and the final version of the resolution was analysed and approved by Cade’s Tribunal.