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CADE will host meeting of the UNCTAD-SELA Working Group


The Brazilian competition authority has also been selected to be a beneficiary of a project that promotes cooperation with the European Union
by Assessoria de Comunicação Social published: Oct 26, 2017 10:41 AM last modified: Oct 26, 2017 10:41 AM

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE will host the 8th Annual Meeting of the Working Group on Trade and Competition in the Latin America and the Caribbean in 2018. The event is promoted by the Secretariat of the Latin American Economic System (SELA) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Brazil is a founder member of SELA, established in 2010 aiming to promote the cooperation, the exchange of experiences and share information on trade and competition between the countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. About 50 to 75 people are expected to attend the event at CADE.

In 2017, the annual meeting was held in San Salvador, El Salvador. 

CADE’s initiative to host the event is linked with its strategy to have a more active participation in the Latin America region, especially in the realm of providing capacity building – technical assistance to the antitrust authorities of the region aiming to foster the competition defense agenda in Latin America.

CADE was also invited by UNCTAD to integrate the instructor’s team of a training program about investigative techniques that will take place between 13 and 17 of November 2017 in Lima, Peru. The program Escuela Indecopi-Compal has the purpose to offer a high-level formation to the representatives of the competition authorities of the member countries of Unctad/Compal.

Fight against cartels

In addition, CADE was selected for the fourth time to be one of the beneficiaries of the project Sectoral Dialogues. The project is an instrument of cooperation between Brazil and the European Union, which provides support to partnership activities among institutions from both jurisdictions.  

CADE prepared a project about “Sustainability in Public Procurement”, which was accepted by the organizing committee. The project was elaborated in partnership with the ministries of Planning, Development, and Management; Industry, Trade, and Services; Science and Technology; and the National Education Developing Found for Education (FNDE in its acronym in Portuguese) linked to the Ministry of Education.

 CADE’s activity will encompass the organization of a workshop about bid rigging that it will take place in the first semester of 2018. The goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences between Brazil and the European Union, promote capacity building and interact with other Brazilian authorities that deal with the topic.