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Cade maintains itself among the world’s best antitrust agencies

Rating Enforcement

Autarchy obtained once more four stars in international ranking
by Assessoria de Comunicação published: Nov 28, 2018 04:34 PM last modified: Nov 28, 2018 04:34 PM

The Administrative Council of Economic Defense (CADE) was awarded, for the sixth consecutive time, with four stars by the annual ranking hosted by the British magazine Global Competition Review (GCR), specialized in competition policy and regulation. With the result, the autarchy maintains its position among the ten most efficient agencies in the world.

According to the publication, CADE continues to be the main competition authority in South America regarding capacity and sophistication, even though the other agencies of the continent have substantially advanced in the last years. In GCR’s review, the autarchy reached noteworthy results in enforcement, institutional capacities, and highlights in the governmental and international agendas.

The British magazine highlights the growth of CADE’s leniency programme, which “continues to thrive”, and achieved greater results in signed agreements than in 2016. The record number of Cease and Desist Agreements (TCC, in its acronym in Portuguese) was also emphasized, which significantly contributed to the cessation of significant anticompetitive practices.

The report also pointed out, as an indication of CADE’s positive performance, the strengthening of the partnership between the autarchy and other national institutions amothrough Technical Cooperation Agreements. The establishment of working groups with important government agencies was also considered positive and innovative by the publication.

Furthermore, in GCR’s review, this collaboration was also relevant to ensure CADE’s objective of performing a more relevant role in the global scenario. With the cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the competition authority formalized and submitted its request to become associate permanent member of OECD’s Competition Committee. The organization of BRICS 5th International Conference on competition also contributed to its performance.

The magazine also mentioned CADE’s record time in the analysis of merger, the high percentage of favorable judicial decisions obtained and its effort on continue to provide transparency and judicial security to the Brazilian society and to the antitrust community, demonstrated in the updates of the Leniency Agreements and TCC Guidelines, for instance.

Cade’s President, Alexandre Barreto, considers that the ranking reflects the increasing role of CADE in Brazil and abroad. “We are extremely satisfied to see CADE’s performance internationally recognized”, he said.


The British magazine Global Competition Review (GCR) is the most recognized publication in the competition area, and it follows the work of antitrust agencies of all around the world.

The global ranking is based on the performance of competition agencies during the previous year. The classification awarded goes from one to five stars taking into consideration the general performance of the antitrust agencies.

In this edition, GCR rated 38 agencies of various jurisdictions by qualitative and quantitative criteria. The review refers to 2017’s performance in shielding the economy from anticompetitive practices.