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CADE launches its new institutional website


The new website meets accessibility standards and follows the digital communication identity of the Brazilian Government
published: Jun 01, 2016 11:55 AM last modified: Jun 01, 2016 01:02 PM

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE launched, on 11 May 2016, the authority’s new website on the internet. More modern and friendly, the site follows the Brazilian Government standards for digital communication identity. The new website is one of the projects, which was prioritized by CADE for the strategic plan of 2012-2016. 

The tool was elaborated in accordance with the Law on Access to Information, which recommends the active transparency of data and relevant information of the authority in an accessible language to citizens. The website also has versions in Portuguese and in English.

In addition, the website is integrated with the concept of digital accessibility, by presenting its content in Brazilian Sign Language – Libras, through the automatic translator, VLibras. Thanks to this tool, deaf people may seek for contents in their natural language conversation, reducing communication barriers and increasing the access to information and services.

The website content in Portuguese is separated by themes, divided into two main menus: topics and access to information. In the first one, the topics available are, for example, information and services related to the procedural management of the authority, information on the judgement sessions and the proceedings’ distribution, regulatory basis on competition defense, international performance of the body and information on the leniency program.

In the second menu, it is possible to find institutional information, such as the history of the authority; publications (guidelines, booklets, economic studies etc.); the strategic planning; and protocols or MoUs celebrated by CADE with other public bodies and institutions. There is also an area intended for social participation, which gathers mechanisms for the interaction of the general public with CADE, either to report violations, submit criticisms, praises or to discuss any relevant matter to the competition defense policy.

Among the new features of the website, stands out the search tool for contents of the website, quick access icons to pages such as the agenda of high-level staff, internal statute and services offered, as well as CADE’s new statistical data platform.

During the judgement session of 11 May 2016, CADE’s President, Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, praised the commitment of the project team to create a site that matched the appropriate accessibility standards from the point of view of the Law on Access to Information, with the site’s English version and the possibility to access in Brazilian Sign Language. He also highlighted the importance of the new tool, “CADE in figures”, which will facilitate the data collection about the authority.

“These new features celebrate, somehow, the four years of the implementation of the Competition Law”, said the President, referring to the four years of the Law No 12.529/2011, to be completed in 29 May 2016.  

The new website was part of the cooperation agenda established with the Brazilian Institute of Studies on Competition, Consumption and International Trade – IBRAC in its acronym in Portuguese, the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association – CFOAB in its acronym in Portuguese, the Brazilian Bar Association of São Paulo – OAB/SP in its acronym in Portuguese and the Brazilian Bar Association of the Federal District – OAB/DF in its acronym in Portuguese. The IBRAC collaborated with the translation of texts for the site’s English version.

 CADE in figures

 CADE’s new statistical data platform has also been launched, on 11 May 2016. Integrated with a Business Intelligence solution – BI, the tool "CADE in Figures" presents, in a dynamic panel, the main data about the activities of the authority in the competition defense across the country.

In the statistical panel, there are information available on proceedings already decided, mergers, imposed fines, Cease and Desist Agreements, among others. Soon, the platform will also provide institutional and administrative information on the authority.

The tool enables the elaboration of graphs and tables, by selecting the categories of interest. The user can access the platform at the homepage of the new website, through the submenu "CADE in Figures" or “CADE em Números” in the Portuguese version, located in the topics menu (“Assuntos” in the Portuguese version) or through the icon available in the quick access area.