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CADE is the finals for the Public Management Innovation Prize

Innovation Prize

Premerger review regime is among the 20 actions competing to the ENAP Prize
published: Oct 30, 2013 09:00 AM last modified: May 02, 2016 03:30 PM

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense – CADE’s premerger review regime is one of the public actions running for the 18th Prize on Federal Public Management Innovation, held by the National Public Administration School (ENAP, for its acronym in Portuguese). Altogether, ten initiatives will be awarded.

The event has been taking place for 17 years and it has the objective to stimulate the propagation of innovative solutions in Federal Government organizations.

Of 102 registered projects for its 18th edition, 85 were considered valid for the organizing committee and twenty are still on the run for the prize.

Among the selected management initiatives is the premerger review adopted by CADE. Since the Law 12.529/11 came into force, the antitrust agency started to review the operations before they were consummated, and no longer after. For a fast and efficient procedure, CADE adopted measures such as the institution of a screening department that separates simpler cases from those that demand a deeper analysis. As a result, the average time of a simple merger review is 19 days, one of the fastest in the world according to the British magazine Global Competition Review – GCR, specialized in competition policy and regulation.

In October, the finalist institutions of the contest will receive a visit of the Technical Committee formed by researchers and professionals with experience in public management. The disclosure of the top ten should happen in November. The awarding ceremony will occur in March 2014.

The Contest on Federal Public Management Innovation is an initiative of ENAP alongside the Planning Ministry, and it is also supported by the Embassy of France, the Embassy of Norway and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency - ABC.