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International Agenda

by assint published Apr 15, 2016 12:00 AM, last modified May 14, 2018 11:38 AM




03-04 - GCR Miami Panel Live, Miami, USA
15-16 - ICN MWG Workshop on Investigative Techniques, Washington D.C., USA
22-23 - 20th Annual Antitrust Symposium, Washington D.C., USA
12-17 -  GAI Economics Institute Spring Training Course, Dubai, UAE
15-18 - Competition Council: 10 years of activity -  Progresses, Challenges, Perspectives, Chisinau, Moldova
20 - Reunião XXVII Comissão da Negociação Bilateral Mercosul/UE, Buenos Aires, Argentina
20-22 - Reunião CT5 Mercosul, Buenos Aires, Argentina
21-22 - 10th Session of the International Working Group for Research of Competition Issues in the Pharmaceutical Market, Moscow, Russia
28-31 - ABA Antitrust Law 2017 Spring Meeting, Washington D.C., USA
29 - Seminar on Latin American Enforcement, Washington D.C., USA
4-5 - Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum, Managua, Nicaragua
25-27 - Antimonopoly regulation and Fighting Cartels in Retail, Moscow, Russia
09-10 - Análisis de las Relaciones Económicas, comerciales y de cooperación de América Latina y el Caribe, SELA/UNCTAD, Lima, Peru
10-12 - ICN Annual Conference, Porto, Portugal
15-18 - IBC Legal Advanced EU Competition Law, London, UK
16-20 - VII St. Peterburg International Legal Forum,
St. Petersburg, Russia
01-02 - ABA Antitrust in the Americas, Mexico City, Mexico
15-16 - 8th Annual Chicago Forum on International Antitrust Issues, Chicago, USA
16 - Annual Chatam House Competition Policy Conference, London, UK
19-23 - OECD Competition Commitee, WP3, WP2, Paris, France
24-06 - 12th Summer School on Competition Policy and Regulation, Heraklion, Greece
05-07 - Intergovernmental Group of Experts (IGE) on Competition Law and Policy, UNCTAD, Geneva, Switzerland 
15-17 - ABA Post Annual Meeting, California, USA
30-01 - Competition Commission South Africa Annual Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa
08-09 - IBA Annual Competition Conference, Florence, Italy
18-22 - 14th Edición de la Escuela Iberoamericana de Competencia, CNMC, BID, MAdrid, Spain
03-06 - CWG Workshop, Ottawa, Canada
12-13 - VII Reunión Anual del GTCC SELA-UNCTAD, San Salvador, El Salvador
27 -  Developing Countries and Competition Policy in a Politicized World, New York,  USA
31-03 - Competition Law and Its Impact on Macroeconomic Growth" 20th Aniniversary of Turkish Competition Authority, Istambul, Turkey
8-10 - BRICS International Competition Conference, Brasília, Brasil
21-22 - Competition Law and economic Development: A universal solution?, El Salvador 
04-08 -  OCDE Competition Commitee, WP3, WP2, Paris, France