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CADE launches a new platform for crime reporting

Clique Denúncia Platform

The Clique Denúncia platform is now more user-friendly and offers an even safer environment to witnesses
published: May 14, 2020 07:44 PM last modified: May 14, 2020 07:44 PM
by International Unit

The Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE) released on 4 March the new Clique Denúncia. The platform was reformulated to simplify the process for reporting mergers and anticompetitive practices, and to offer a safer environment to witnesses.

The reporting form, integrated to the Electronic Information System (SEI), was simplified, ensuring that only information relevant for the analysis of the case is requested. The platform also allows witnesses to have their identities preserved, according to Directive SG 292/2019. Therefore, companies or individuals reported cannot have access to witnesses' personal information, preventing possible reprisals during investigations.

Moreover, the platform allows witnesses to monitor their reports and creates a safer environment for the exchange of information between CADE and the witnesses throughout the administrative proceeding, which help investigations to be more effective.

How to report?

Any citizen can file a complaint to CADE and monitor its assessment. In order to do so, one only needs to click on the button "clique denúncia" on the main page of the agency's website. There it is possible to choose between filling in a new report form or logging in to follow up on a claim.

Witnesses can report anti-competitive practises such as cartels, tie-in sales of products and services, companies restraining activities of competitors, etc. It is also possible to report transactions that were not notified to CADE, potential breaches of Merger Control Agreements signed with the agency, and other claims related to transactions which have been approved by CADE.