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Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General's Office – PFE in its acronym in Portuguese – is the body of the Brazilian Office of the General Attorney – AGU in its acronym in Portuguese – responsible for consulting, legally advising and legal/extrajudicial representing CADE. These attributions were given by the Article 15 of the Law N° 12.529/2011, the Article 18 of the Decree N° 7.783/2012 and the Article 28 of CADE’s Internal Statute.

The Attorney General, nominated by the President of the Republic, after approval by the Senate, for a two years term, with possibility of renewal for the same period, leads the Attorney General’s Office. The Attorney General is directly assisted by a Deputy Attorney General, who is also in charge of ascertaining the certainty and liquidity of CADE’s credits and including it in the past-due liability roster of the Brazilian government.

The Attorney General's Office is composed by three units:

  • The Legal Studies and Reports Unit – CGEP in its acronym in Portuguese: it is an advisory body responsible for issues related to CADE’s core activity and monitoring the compliance of CADE’s extrajudicial decisions
  • The Administrative Matters Unit – CGMA in its acronym in Portuguese: it is an advisory body responsible for issues related to bids, administrative contracts and agreements, human resources, administrative disciplinary proceedings and other matters related to CADE’s supporting activities
  • The Litigation Unit – CGCJ in its acronym in Portuguese: it is CADE’s representative body before the Judiciary branch responsible for postulating and/or defending CADE’s interests before a judge or a court. Moreover, CGCJ is responsible for promoting the judicial execution of CADE's decisions


The Attorney General's Office is inserted on the fourth floor of CADE’s headquarter. For contact purposes, the interested party may send email to:

  • – for general matters and/or related to the Attorney General’s Office judicial activity;
  • – for issues related to the gathering of amounts to be payed to CADE, relating to the past-due liability and/or to the compliance of CADE's decisions, as well as to Cease and Desist Agreements and Merger Control Agreements.