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by admin published Mar 11, 2016 11:31 AM, last modified May 11, 2016 11:05 AM

The purpose of this project is to conduct periodic seminars, whose speakers shall be, preferably, scholars – doctoral students or professors – involved in researches concerning themes as industrial organization or quantitative methods applied to competition issues.

Specialists acquainted with antitrust practices, such as former commissioners, might also be invited to join the seminars. The event also intends to enable CADE’s staff on economic issues applied to antitrust policy and to disseminate the importance of economic analysis to the practice of competition defense.

The project is therefore in accordance with CADE’s Department of Economic Studies institutional mission, which is “to contribute to the generation of technical and practical knowledge as well as of the academic production, for itself or for third parties, on issues related to competition defense”.

The materials here are available only in Portuguese.


May 08, 2014 - Discussing Anticompetitive Conducts

This seminar explores the challenges faced by antitrust authorities on identifying anticompetitive conducts, by approaching a practical case of medical cooperatives and compensatory power.

Speaker: Paulo Furquim de Azevedo 



September 11, 2014 - Application of Methods of Discrete CHoice in Estimating the Demand for Internet Access Services

This seminar discusses the impact of demographic characteristics and of broadband internet access services attributes on consumers’ purchase decision and on the data basis available for such studies.

Speaker: Igor Villas Boas de Freitas 



October 24, 2014 -  An Analysis of the Banking Competition in the Brazilian Economy

This seminar presents a study that seeks to identify the competition structure of the Brazilian banking system through the adoption of the Panzar and Rosse model (1987) for the period between July 1994 and February 2012, in 62 banks. 

Speaker: Renan Said Silva 




April 15, 2015 - Network Neutrality: an analysis on two sided markets

This seminar approaches the internet network neutrality from economic theories’ point of view, including estimates of its effects on prices to final consumers.

Speaker: Tatiana Alessio de Britto 




May 15, 2015 - How imperfect is competition in the Brazilian industry

This seminar presents academic research that produced mark-up estimates for different sectors of the Brazilian industry. 

Speaker: Claudio Ribeiro de Lucinda



November 20, 2015 – Regulation and competition defense in the natural gas sector

This seminar approaches the evolution of natural gas market regulation in Europe and comments issues related to the sector in Brazil.

Speakers: Michelle Hallack and Miguel Vasquez




October 23, 2015 – Which firms suspected of cartel offense should be prioritized in investigation? Quantitative approach 

This seminar demonstrates the ways through which quantitative methodologies may select priority cases in investigating anticompetitive conducts.

Speaker: Pedro Albuquerque 

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