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Administrative Tribunal for Economic Defense

The Administrative Tribunal for Economic Defense is composed by a President and six Commissioners, all of them with a four year term, prohibited the renewal procedure. The main attributions of the Tribunal are:

• To judge administrative proceedings of anti-competitive conducts

• To judge merger cases with recommendation from the General Superintendence for remedies or for disapproval

• To claim and judge merger cases approved without restriction by the General Superintendence

• To analyze and judge merger cases in which there was appeal by third parties against the decision issued by the General Superintendence

• To approve Cease and Desist Agreements – TCC in its acronym in Portuguese – and Merger Control Agreements – ACC in its acronym in Portuguese – and to determine to the General Superintendence to monitor the fulfillment of these Agreements 

• To appreciate, on appeal level, preventive measures adopted by the Reporting Commissioner or by the General Superintendence

• To elaborate and approve CADE’s Internal Statute – RICADE – which organizes CADE’s functioning, means of deliberations, rules of procedure and the organization of CADE’s internal services

The President has the attributions of representing the authority and of responding for its administrative management. The President also chairs the Tribunal and the judgement sessions and determines the organization of the Tribunal’s agenda. Moreover, the President also chairs the distribution sessions, in which the proceedings are assigned to the Commissioners by drawing lots. 

CADE's Presidency is composed by the following support units:

President's Office

The President’s Office is responsible for:

  • Assisting the President on the supervision and coordination of the activities developed by the units that compose the authority.
  • Assisting the President in its political and social representation and in the activities of administrative support to the Tribunal’s Plenary.
  • Monitoring and controlling documents and proceedings sent to the Presidency.
  • Supervising the promotion of normative acts and dispatches of the Presidency.

International Unit

The International Unit is responsible for:

  • Advising the Presidency in all matters relating to the international interface of the authority.
  • Collaborating for the adoption of international best practices on the fight against violations to the economic order and merger analysis, in case these practices are appropriate for the Brazilian legal framework. 
  • Collaborating for the promotion of international cooperation with foreign competition authorities.
  • Assisting on the sending of cooperation requests to foreign and Brazilian authorities.

Auditing Unit

The Auditing Unit is responsible for:

  • Carrying out CADE’s accounting, financial, budgetary and operational inspection, by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of CADE’s controls.
  • Monitoring, through auditing procedures, the execution of CADE’s budget in all aspects and phases, since expenditures, control and protection of CADE’s patrimony until the promotion and execution of studies.
  • Appreciating and verifying the accuracy and sufficiency of the data issued on acts of admission and dismissal of staff, as well as granting retirements and pensions.  

Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit is responsible for:

  • Coordinating, managing and supervising activities of social and institutional communication within CADE and updating CADE's website on internet and intranet.
  • Producing and supervising the production and promotion of institutional publications.
  • Supporting the diffusion of events promoted by CADE.
  • Meeting the demands of the media and publicizing CADE’s actions.
  • Advising CADE’s representatives in the relationship with communication professionals.

Planning and Projects Unit

The Planning and Projects Unit is responsible for: 

  • Advising CADE in subjects relating to its strategic planning and the management of special projects and of multi-year plans and government programmes.
  • Coordinating activities related to information systems for the planning and project management, in articulation with the Management Office.
  • Supporting the management of agreements and partnerships between CADE and other entities.