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More Press Releases

More Press Releases
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Merger Control Agreement

Light Energia and CG I FIP sign an agreement after completing a transaction without CADE’s previous clearance

Companies acknowledged the anti-competitive conduct and committed to pay a financial contribution of BRL 1.2 million

Administrative Proceedings

CADE convicts a cartel in the market of PVC products to pay a fine of BRL 19.2 million

Competitors held agreements to coordinate price increase of materials, harming consumers


Investigation techniques for cartels disband are subject of discussion at CADE

The Panel of the Brazilian Anticartel Week considered the experience of bodies that participated in the Dubai Operation


Panel discusses the relation between algorithms and the formation of cartels

Professor Michal Gal, from the University of Haifa (Israel), was CADE's guest to talk about the topic in the Brazilian Anticartel Week